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Parish Clerk

Date Last Updated      17 December 2018

The 12 Scams of Christmas 2018

The following message is from the Alerts triggered by Jeff Pick.  Please read and act on.  If you wish to subscribe to the alerts, there is a link on the left hand side of our home page

This message is Monday 10th December 2018 for Windsor.
National Trading Standards, Scams Team, 
The 12 Scams of Christmas, December 2018

  1. Subscription trap; this scam offers a free gift or trial offer. If you pay postage and Packing to receive the ‘gift’ beware as you may. Without realising it, set up a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) allowing the company to take any amount out of your bank account at any time.
  2. Bogus charities; Fake charities prey on the victim sense of good will at this time of the year, and their marketing techniques can be very convincing. Make sure that the marketing you have received is genuine if you aren’t sure-don’t take the risk.
  3. Pop-up shops; whilst pop-up shops tend to appear more online, sometimes, especially at Christmas time, pop-up shops will temporarily take over closed down high street stores, and often sell counterfeit and/or faulty items. Be cautious when shopping in these stores.
  4. HM Revenue & Customs; Criminals phone unsuspecting members of the public and claim they have over/under paid their tax. Beware-never give out your bank details and hang up the phone immediately.
  5. Bank scam; Criminals phone members of the public and claim to be calling from their bank to report ‘suspicious activity’ on your account. If you receive a call like this hang up immediately, wait 15 minutes, or use another phone, and call 101.
  6. Metropolitan Police scam; Similar to the bank scam, criminal phone members of the public claiming to be from the Metropolitan Police reporting ‘suspicious bank activity’ Hang up immediately, wait 15 minutes, or use another phone, and call 101.
  7. E-greeting(online) cards; Be careful when sending online greetings cards as they can contain malware which can find address and books and bank details which are stored on your computer.
  8. Gifts cards; Gift cards are ideal for that hard-to-buy for person, but be aware if you are buying these online, as gift cards are easy to illegitimately replicate and could cause embarrassment to your friends and family when they try and use your gift…. And they are fake.
  9. Seasonal travel scams; Beware of these too good to be true seasonal travel offers. Criminals are waiting for you to click on their ‘offer’ links so they can start infecting your computer in hope of obtaining your bank details. Be sure to only trusted online travel agents.
  10.  Delivery scams; With many gifts being sent via postal service at this time of year it isn’t a surprise if you come home and there is a ‘sorry we missed you! Please call the number below to re-arrange delivery’ card waiting for you. However, be very careful to check it is genuine as fake delivery cards are being delivered by criminals and the phone number you are asked to call is a very high premium rate telephone number. You could run a phone bill of hundreds of pounds waiting for someone who is never going to answer.
  11.  Smishing; Criminals use text messages pretending to be bank requesting animmediate response or else your account will be locked. However, whilst some banks do send text messages to alert you of suspicious activity you should never respond by text. Contact your bank on a number you know is legitimate.
  12.  Romance scams; Only use well established and trusted dating websites. Do not click on links from someone you do not know or trust. Do not communicate with anyone you find on these sites away from the site as you could be putting yourself into a vulnerable position.
    Honor Ryan
    Trading Standards Officer
    Trading Standards & Licensing Team | Community Protection & Enforcement Services | Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead 
    Council Offices, Tinkers Lane, Windsor SL4 4LR
    Tel: 01628 683557
    Mobile: 07973 376092
    GCSX Secure:
  13. The 101 number is still functioning properly, but I am afraid it may be slow to answer at the moment - if you are experiencing delays, you can always make contact with us using the online reporting system:
    Eyes, ears.....and Brain
    ‘You can play your part in helping to tackle the terrorist threat facing the UK’.
    ‘Everyone, from law enforcement, to businesses, to the general public, has a role to play in keeping the UK safe from terrorism and to effectively combat the threat.  Everyone needs to work together.  Our aim, is to encourage people to be more vigilant – ‘if you suspect it, report it’ – please report all suspicious activity to the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321’.
    ‘For more information follow this link:

Parish Council Surgery

There will not be a surgery until Wed 9th January.

Wraysbury Drain

There is still no response from Volker regarding the state of the weir, but you can find information on our FOI request to the RBWM and the original report from Jacobs by following these links   

2nd FOI Redacted Response.pdf
Jacobs' Wraysbury Drain Assesment.pdf
Appendix To Wraysbury Drain Report.pdf

Lead Member for Environmental Issues - Update

Lead member for Environment Issues

Following the death of Cllr Jesse Grey, Cllr Mike Airey has been appointed as the lead member for enviromental issues at RBWM.  His contact details are available on the RBWM web site at

Wraysbury Stay and Play
Wraysbury Stay And Play
Audit Conclusion

A pdf of the above with the detailed conclusion is available at AuditConclusion2017-8.pdf

Meeting Dates 2018
The dates for 2018 meetings are available on the Latest News page (see menu on LH side).
About the Parish of Wraysbury

The Parish of Wraysbury sits on the east-most boundary of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. It has an illustrious history stretching back at least to the days of the Domesday book. One of its claims to fame is the fact that the Magna Carta was sealed within its boundaries in 1215. Runnymede also lays claim to this honour because the Magna Carta was apparently signed on an island in the middle of the Thames, but as King John arrived from the North Bank and only the Barons approached from the Runnymede side, Wraysbury should take precedence!

Wraysbury is a long, thin village, being a centre with village green, village hall and other facilities and three spurs of about a mile and a half each, stretching along the north bank of the Thames. It is surrounded by reservoirs and exhausted gravel pits, some of which, along with their surrounds, have SSSI status (Site of Special Scientific Interest) or similar.

Almost all of Wraysbury is just outside the M25, except for the half mile or so of Wraysbury Road leading to Lammas Park which is just inside the M25 at Junction 13. Indeed there can be only a couple of hundred yards of the Motorway inside the village boundaries.

To the North are Datchet and Horton, and to the South is Staines.

It is primarily a dormitory village now, with a population around three thousand many of whom work at the nearby Heathrow Airport or the large towns around such as Windsor, Slough and Staines. Less than one percent of the population work in agriculture now, according to the 1991 census.

The village boasts a modern village hall which hosts a considerable number of clubs and functions, active bowls, tennis, cricket and football clubs and scout and guide facilities for the younger members of the community. The lakes also host a number of water sports, from fishing, through sailing to diving.

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