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Volunteer Path Works

We have recently received the following email from Andrew Fletcher. if anyone has any ideas on what could be done to improve the Public Rights of Way, now is the time to act.  Send in your proposals to us for consolidating and forwarding.  I have added a page to this web site which gives you access to the three PROW maps maintained by RBWM for our area - see the menu item on the left hand side.  The maps are navigable and you can zoom in for greater clarity.
To start the ball rolling, my proposals are 
PROW 10 by side of M25/A30
- clean rubbish
- tidy overgrown vegetation
- clear out gulley, particularly by motorway run-off valve
- repair surface if possible, or report back to RBWM where too difficult to repair
- check and remove any Japanese Knot Weed
- tidy and repair protective fence at Wraysbury Road end 
PROW 2 the Staines side of the M25/A30
- clean rubbish
- tidy overgrown vegetation
- repair surface if possible, or report back to RBWM where too difficult to repair
- check and remove any Japanese Knot Weed
From: Andrew Fletcher
Sent: 14 March 2018 16:17
To: Public Rights of Way
Subject: Volunteer path works


The Parks and Countryside Team currently undertake a number of works with volunteers from a number of groups from Ways into Work, Berkshire College of Agriculture, The Conservation Volunteers, local Scouts and Guides groups and local schools.

Much of the works that has been done so far has been based on tasks that were previously included in the routine maintenance contract or improvements that we have on our lists. We  are conscious, however, that our knowledge of what would be a good improvement to an area is not complete and there is a lot of untapped expertise from local Parish and Town Councils that could help identify good local projects that volunteers could undertake.

Are there are any particular projects or improvements along public rights of way in your area that would be suitable for a volunteer group? Depending on the group the tasks that can be undertaken are vegetation clearance, conservation work, stile/gate replacements, surfacing works, boardwalk construction and many other tasks that can be undertaken by a dedicated group using hand tools.

The volunteer groups are dedicated people who delight in making a positive difference with the work that they do and I am seeking suggestions for potential projects to offer them. The best schemes are those which can inspire them and in particular allow them to look back after a hard day’s work and see the difference that they have made.

I would be grateful if you could raise this with your local Councillors and ask them if to put forward ideas for schemes that could be undertaken. I would be happy to discuss any ideas that comer forward and look for ways that we can make them happen.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Andrew Fletcher

Public Rights of Way and Highways Project Officer
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About the Parish of Wraysbury

The Parish of Wraysbury sits on the east-most boundary of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. It has an illustrious history stretching back at least to the days of the Domesday book. One of its claims to fame is the fact that the Magna Carta was sealed within its boundaries in 1215. Runnymede also lays claim to this honour because the Magna Carta was apparently signed on an island in the middle of the Thames, but as King John arrived from the North Bank and only the Barons approached from the Runnymede side, Wraysbury should take precedence!

Wraysbury is a long, thin village, being a centre with village green, village hall and other facilities and three spurs of about a mile and a half each, stretching along the north bank of the Thames. It is surrounded by reservoirs and exhausted gravel pits, some of which, along with their surrounds, have SSSI status (Site of Special Scientific Interest) or similar.

Almost all of Wraysbury is just outside the M25, except for the half mile or so of Wraysbury Road leading to Lammas Park which is just inside the M25 at Junction 13. Indeed there can be only a couple of hundred yards of the Motorway inside the village boundaries.

To the North are Datchet and Horton, and to the South is Staines.

It is primarily a dormitory village now, with a population around three thousand many of whom work at the nearby Heathrow Airport or the large towns around such as Windsor, Slough and Staines. Less than one percent of the population work in agriculture now, according to the 1991 census.

The village boasts a modern village hall which hosts a considerable number of clubs and functions, active bowls, tennis, cricket and football clubs and scout and guide facilities for the younger members of the community. The lakes also host a number of water sports, from fishing, through sailing to diving.

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