Local Information

Council Noticeboards

The Parish Council noticeboards can be found in the following locations:

  • NB1 Wraysbury Road: Wall of Giggs Newsagent
  • NB2 Wraysbury Road: Hythe End Stores
  • NB3 Village Centre: High Street car park
  • NB4 Coppermill Road: Village boundary
  • NB5 Village Centre: Village Hall
  • NB6 Welley Road: The School boundary
  • NB7 Welley Road: Opposite the Avenue

How to use an AED defibrillator

Please watch the following video:

There are a number of AED defibrillators around the village (and in the local area).  The South Central Ambulance Service have created an App available for both Apple and Android Phones which can locate them via GPS.

Street Cleaning

Note this is advisory only.  No obligations can be presumed from the information supplied.

Here is a new facility based on a spreadsheet given to us by RBWM in January. It is still a Beta so try it out and let me know your opinion.  Enter a few consecutive characters from your street and then either pick from the resultant drop down list, when you will get details for that street only, or go with your selection when you will get information for all streets starting with that string.  You can pick any number of the clean types (default is Full Cleanse). You will then get a table of cleans over the following 12 weeks.  I am not sure of the process in place to cater for Bank Holidays, or Weather interruptions yet.

Street Clean Parameters


Full Cleanse
Mechanical Sweep
Empty Bin


3 Day Weather Forecast

Local Weather

Email the Clerk

Clerk to the Council
01784 482613