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18th January 2018
Wraysbury Container Library

At last, the power supply problem has been resolved and the Container Library will be back on site from Wednesday 10th January.  Unfortunately, this is a bit premature - the Container Library turned up, but the power was still out.  RBWM looking into it again.

Update on 18 Jan - It appears that the supply is being overloaded so on but without heating.  Library will close at dusk.

The hours are 10.00 - 13.00 and 14.00 - 19.00 every Wednesday.    Please note that the library no longer opens on Saturdays.


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April 2nd  (Provisional Annual Parish Meeting)
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Response to Question Raised Regarding PRoW

At the Parish council meeting last Monday (20th November) a member of the public raised a question about access along the PRoW, FP No. 6. The Parish reported this to the Borough's PRoW Team and today (27th November) a member of that Team visited the site. 

He reported that "There is the metal step-stile adjacent to the field gate at the top of Douglas Lane, and a narrow squeeze barrier a bit further along the path and a much wider and well-used gap some way off the definitive line, but no recent changes there as far as could be seen. The path was clear of obstruction." 

We are told that any bonfire activity appears to be away from the PRoW.  This is not a designated smokeless zone so any problem with bonfires needs to be treated as a public nuisance, which can be reported using the form at 
Parish Paths Initiative

The Borough Council are offering Parishes the chance of spending a bit of extra money on their Public Rights of Way which would not normally be covered by the day to day maintenance budget. This could be something like a map board, the production of a leaflet highlighting a circular walk, the replacement of a stile that although perfectly functional for the able bodied is not so easy to use for a less able person or even the surfacing of a stretch of path that is passable, but perhaps in winter becomes rather boggy. If you have any ideas of improvements that you would like to see made to a particular Right of Way that you use regularly, can you let us know by the weekend of the 14th & 15th October so that we can collate the ideas to submit to the Borough by the deadline a few days later. Please don’t forget to include the Footpath number, if you know it.

The footpath maps can be found on the Borough's website. They are covered by Map Nos. 12, 18, 19 & 23. The link is

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