Planning Applications

Here are the applications to be considered at the next meeting.  To get more information on the application you can click on the pin.  A slide-out will appear on the left hand side with a summary of the application, and a description (which is a link to more information).  A better way, particularly if you don't know the right pin, is to click on the slide-out menu button top left instead of the pin and pick the required application from the lists.  Clicking on the summary picture will open a larger version.  You can use the "expand to full screen" button top right (looks like the four corners of an image) to increase the size of the map and image.  You can follow the url in the description to get further information which will be displayed as a set of files below the original map (which can be opened in a frame below by clicking on them).  The left arrow to the left of the application number on the slide-out will take you back to the lists of applications.

Planning Files

No planning application selected yet. Follow the instructions above the map.

Email the Clerk

Clerk to the Council
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